Record Retrieval Services


  • Requests are sent to providers within 24 hours of initial submission
  • Cloud-based solution granting access anytime, anywhere
  • Track orders 24/7 through real-time status updates
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) searchable text
  • DeliverDox upfront custodial fees to expedite the retrieval process
  • Records are organized chronologically and type for speed and analysis
  • DeliverDox staff follows-up with clients through phone calls and real-time status updates 


  • Submit record requests online
  • Paperless trail from beginning to end
  • Secure system enables upload of records through encryption process
  • Eco-friendly process saving time and operating costs
  • Optimize efficiency through the ease of sharing.


  • System enables clients to eliminate scanning of records in their office
  • Assists in transition of moving into paperless environment and more efficient practices
  • Eliminate in-house costs by billing expenses to 3rd party
  • Reduce time to order, process, and deliver records
  • Adjusters, counsel, management, experts, etc. can review the same file through secure access
  • System pinpoints records that are outstanding, information needed for release, and any special requests

Our Process


Order record requests by logging in to DeliverDox using your unique login and password.


DeliverDox will start the record retrieval process by contacting the record provider within 24 hours and update status in the system.


The facility will process record requests from DeliverDox and will upload using DeliverDox Secure 2.0. If records are received via mail, DeliverDox will upload it to the system for easy access to the client.


Once DeliverDox receives requests from the facility provider, we implement the Optimal Character Recognition (OCR) process. All documents requested are reviewed by staff to ensure the facility has sent correct documentation before uploading to our portal.


Clients will be notified via email when the records are available within the individual record request screen. These records can be viewed, downloaded, or printed by the client.

Legal Services

DeliverDox provides reliable retrieval of various records needed for a lawsuit by completing all the legwork for your firm in an expedited and cost-efficient manner.

DeliverDox understands time is valuable when counsel is embedded in a case. Therefore, we make the process of gathering records easy for all parties involved, freeing up staff to work on other important tasks.

  • Mass Tort
  • Insurance Defense
  • Personal Injury
  • Workers Compensation
  • Social Security Disability
  • Medical Malpractice

Life Insurance

DeliverDox provides the Life Insurance industry with easy retrieval of necessary documents to expedite the process of policy actions.  We understand the importance of providing a fast turn-around time when it comes to Attending Physician Statements (APS).

Our DeliverDox record retrieval specialists will retrieve APS and upload it into your client portal as soon as they are received.  This will not only speed up the underwriting process but also help your facility establish a paperless environment.

Workers Compensation

DeliverDox assists in the process of retrieving necessary records and documents associated with Workers Compensation claims in an expedited manner.  Our goal is to provide our clients with easy access to all documents needed to settle the claims quickly.

Clients can securely access records and/or files online creating a paperless solution with 24-hour availability.


DeliverDox provides fast, reliable retrieval of various medical records for all parties involved in the healthcare industry.

We understand gathering medical records from various facilities can be overwhelming.  Therefore, we make the process of gathering records easy for all parties involved while providing access to the documents online.