Medical Chronologies & Summaries

After years of helping law firms across the country with their record retrieval needs, DeliverDox now offers medical record summaries.  We utilize revolutionary Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)-assisted technology which automatically categorizes scanned medical records into organized, accurate, and cost-effective summaries.

This process is fully scalable and can be customized to tailor the process and produce exactly to your firm’s needs with no additional cost for the customization.  Using this cutting edge technology, we have drastically reduced the chart-reviewing time frame to days instead of weeks, enabling your firm to quickly and efficiently litigate your cases.  We are your affordable solution to effectively manage your case inventory and the cost is directly billable to your client’s file.

DELIVERDOX can help streamline the process, mining only the essential information from the medical records, which is ideal for  Demand, Deposition, Mediation and
Trial preparation.

Our Process

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Log onto DeliverDox and upload your scanned through our HIPAA compliant system.

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Request a cost estimate, if desired. Upon approval of the estimate, Deliverdox will begin to work on the medical records summary with its A.I. based technology.

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If the A.I. Assessment identifies clarification of focus, Deliverdox will send an email to the client requesting additional information. Upon receipt of the clarification, Deliverdox will proceed to complete the medical records summary.

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Every medical records summary goes through a process involving physicians on staff to ensure quality control.

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When medical summaries are complete, clients are notified via email. All summaries can be viewed, downloaded, or printed by the client.

Medical Summaries

Medical Expert Opinions

Narrative Summaries

Mass Tort E-Charts

Deposition Summaries

Customized Reports



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Let us sort, organize, summarize, and chronologize your case documents at varying levels.

See below for the levels of service we offer.

Basic Level Chronology

All Chronologies precisely state the date of service, type of service,
facility of service, and provider of service, along with sorting all records in chronological order.

Hyperlinks and bookmarks are included
in all chronologies and summaries.

Medical Records Chronology and Summary

Our Most Popular: Our Chronology and Summary includes everything the
Basic Chronology provides plus a thorough summary of every event within
all the records provided.

No need to spend time sorting through the
records when you can spend that time on what actually happened.
Hyperlinks and bookmarks are included in all chronologies and summaries.

High Level Narrative Chronology & Summary

Our High Level Narrative Chronology and Summary includes everything  the
Basic Level Chronology provides plus an extensive medical explanation
of every event from the records provided.

Hyperlinks and  bookmarks are included in all chronologies and summaries

Mass Tort Case Screening

Our Mass Tort Case Screening Report provides a detailed summary of the
medicals based upon established criteria.

The chronology focuses on
product usage/implant and product-related complications and/or  injuries
to assist you with identifying potential cases based upon a  set of
parameters specific to that particular tort.

Our Pricing

Our Chronology and Summary pricing varies depending on the level of detail needed.

Our efficient Artificial Intelligence procedures help speed up the process of all chronologies and summaries in an expeditious manner.