Frequently Asked Questions

How Can DeliverDox Help My Business?

DeliverDox provides your company with speedy turnaround time when retrieving records and legal documents.  Our company motto is to work Faster, Greener, Smarter so your staff can be relieved of countless hours gathering, retrieving, and organizing records and documents.

DeliverDox eliminates the daunting tasks from your staff while creating a billable expense.

What are the various records that DeliverDox can retrieve?

DeliverDox can retrieve close to any type of record (i.e., medical, x-rays, payroll, billing, personnel, Workers Compensation files, insurance companies, utilities, bank records, pharmacy records, municipality records, academic records, industry records, etc.).  Our goal is to retrieve any and all records to best meet the needs of your company.

How are requests for rush service handled?


DeliverDox handles all requests for records through an expedited process (within 24 hours).  Once the request is submitted with all accompanying documents, DeliverDox quickly sends the record request to the provider.  Additionally, we follow-up with the provider and update the status of the record retrieval in real-time so our clients can be informed immediately when the status changes.  Our goal is to always retrieve records in a quick and efficient manner, therefore there is no extra charge for rush service.

How does DeliverDox ensure compliance with HIPAA and other industry standards in a controlled environment?

DeliverDox ensures all of its employees have been trained, certified, and have vast knowledge of all the requirements within the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).  Maintaining privacy of our clients records is a top priority, therefore our system is managed through off-site servers that are constantly updated to meet compliance with client security guidelines.  Our fully-encrypted. 256-bit SSL system meets the HIPAA client requirements.  To ensure a secure environment, all user information and access to DeliverDox is all password protected.

Where can DeliverDox retrieve records?

DeliverDox can retrieve record requests through subpoena or authorization nationwide (all 50 states).

What is the process of getting records from DeliverDox once they are received from the provider?

DeliverDox retrieves the records from the provider and uploads the documents to an encrypted, secure system.  Clients will be able to access their records online or download the records to their system.  Additionally, DeliverDox can deliver hard copies or documents on a CD to your office.

How does DeliverDox handle provider fees?

DeliverDox fronts fees charged by providers to retrieve records in an expedited manner.  We are aware of varying costs associated with medical record copying fees and will contact our clients if provider fees are over a certain amount.  We also are committed to completing requests that are cost-efficient for our clients.

Can DeliverDox bill my client directly?

DeliverDox can bill your client directly with approval.  We also will contact you if provider fees exceed a predetermined amount.