Why DeliverDox?

Work Faster, Greener, Smarter

DeliverDox is a nationwide leader in record retrieval and medical record summarization services using an electronic process to provide solutions for law firms and insurance companies. We are committed to delivering services to our clients in an expedited manner.

Our Company motto is to work Faster, Greener, Smarter to relieve staff of countless hours gathering, retrieving, and organizing numerous records. We enable clients the ability to increase productivity and move towards a paperless environment, all while reducing operating costs and allowing clients to work Faster, Greener, Smarter.

Our Process

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  • Personalized login with username and password to access your account
  • Information can be pre-populated based on case and client information
  • Easy process to upload and download documents, records, and summaries
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  • All record requests and summaries are easily accessible on client dashboard
  • Record searches can be customized by Case, Patient, Lawyer, Facility, Provider, etc.
  • Unique ID given to each record request
  • Multiple parties with authorized access can review the same files
  • Records and summaries can be viewed online, downloaded, or printed
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  • DeliverDox fronts provider fees to expedite record retrieval process
  • Our medical record summary services provide a detailed synopsis tailored to your case
  • Our system automatically identifies when records are outstanding
  • Our staff continuously updates status of records for clients to view in real-time
  • Strong relationships established with facility providers’ records department(s) to ensure quick turnaround time
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  • Reduce paper storage in your office as well as computer storage with all records available through our cloud-based system
  • Secure online access to records anywhere, anytime
  • 256-bit encryption process in compliance with IT standards and policies

Our Services

DeliverDox is a nationwide leader in record retrieval featuring the safest and most secure software in the industry.

Our staff will establish and maintain continuous open communication with all clients through follow-up phone calls and real-time updates in the system.

Our Portal

Our client portal provides access to the record retrieval or medical summary process with continuous communication updates from our staff. Clients can easily submit new requests, check status of requests, view records or summaries, and download all documents associated with the request in a secure.

The portal is accessible 24/7 with user-friendly features to assist clients with workflow.

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